Article 20 June 2024

Here’s to Mitie Ireland’s inspirational ‘Women in Engineering’

It’s International Women in Engineering Day on Monday 23 June 2024 – and Mitie Ireland is celebrating.

We’re proud to support all women and their progression across the organisation, but on this occasion it’s only right to highlight three inspirational colleagues who are thriving in engineering.

Hats off to Victoria, Shruti and Mariane, who have reflected on their careers. We’re so proud of you!

Victoria Gomes, QHSE Business Partner

Victoria Gomes, QHSE Business Partner, Mitie Ireland

Victoria says: “Engineering has opened many doors for me and has made me feel fulfilled both personally and professionally. I strongly encourage all women who are passionate about making a difference to join our society of women in engineering . You’ll witness positive changes and discover your own path among the many opportunities that will come your way.

“As a QHSE Business Partner at Mitie Ireland, my main responsibilities include ensuring all operational aspects comply with safety and quality standards. My background in production engineering has been crucial, providing me with a solid foundation in technical skills, process management, critical thinking and problem-solving. This background helps me approach and resolve issues, while looking to continuously improve.”

Shruti Singh, Energy & Sustainability Manager

Shruti Singh, Energy & Sustainability Manager, Mitie Ireland

Shruti says: “With a background in electrical engineering and a passion for sustainability, I have been fortunate to blend technical expertise with a commitment to environmental stewardship. Engineering has profoundly impacted my career – it helps me to have a structured approach to problem solving, which is essential for tackling sustainability challenges.

“Analytical skills help me evaluate projects while focusing on innovation. Adaptability keeps me effective in this dynamic field. Also, my engineering background provides a solid foundation for understanding technical aspects of sustainability initiatives, enabling me to devise practical and innovative solutions that are both effective and economically viable. I’m very proud to implement effective energy management strategies, improving efficiency. I also promote sustainable practices, educating and raising awareness about sustainability issues in the organisation.”

Mariane Merchiori, QHSE Business Partner

Mariane Merchiori, QHSE Business Partner, Mitie Ireland

Mariane says: “To inspire other women to become engineers, I’d like to highlight the diverse opportunities that an engineering qualification provides. Engineering opens doors to various businesses; I completed my Industrial Engineering degree in Brazil and I’m now pursuing a Master’s degree in Health & Safety and Environmental .

“My engineering background is essential for my role as QHSE Business Partner as it has contributed to my analytical skills and problem solving.”

To find out more about Mitie Ireland’s commitment to social value and our people, visit our dedicated webpage.

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