Health and Safety Consultancy and Auditing

The requirement to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005 is critically important but can be time consuming. Our team at Mitie can ensure that your company’s health and safety policies are reviewed, assessed and managed.

Mitie offers a range of health and safety consultancy and auditing services which span ISO standard implementation and auditing, investigations, formation of safety statements and fire risk assessments, PSCS and PSDP and much more.

Our Services

  • Safety statement creation
  • Fire risk assessments
  • ISO accreditation (9001, 14001, 22001, 45001 and 50001)
  • Provision of QHSE representatives
  • PSDP and PSCS
  • DSE/VDU assessments
  • Investigations of accidents, fraud, data and loss prevention
Mitie engineer inspecting a vent

Why should I choose Mitie’s Health and Safety Consultancy Services?

Our consultants have experience in working in various industries in both public to private sectors. We work closely with all manner of clients from small and medium sized enterprises to multinational corporations. Mitie’s audit team are fully competent and qualified in the following areas of the ISO accreditation system: 9001, 14001, 22001, 45001 and 50001.

We are here to support you with your company’s health and safety compliance and to provide guidance. Contact us today by filling in the contact form below.

Our team of skilled investigators, available across Ireland and Northern Ireland, are trained in accordance with the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice (APCIP). They are able to conduct investigations on behalf of our clients and across a wide remit of areas, including accident/incident investigation, fraud, loss prevention and data protection.

This gives you the confidence that investigations are non-biased, evidence based and fully reported.

This team is on hand to not only investigate and report findings but also to assist our clients with case file preparation, OSII (Open Source), evidence gathering and disclosure. Our expertise will give you back time to focus on your core business.

Our audit team are fully competent and qualified in the following ISO accreditation systems: 9001, 14001, 22001, 45001 and 50001. Internal audits and reviews of your ISO standards can be completed as part of your regular quarterly and six-monthly reviews and surveillance audits.

ISO standards take time to implement, and auditing is critical to ensure ongoing maintenance and validation of the system to ensure external accreditation.

  • Assisting organisations in minimising risks that can lead to illnesses or injuries
  • Our highly skilled health and safety professionals can provide a range of consulting and training services, helping you comply with legislation
  • Our consultants set up and assist our clients in their chosen ISO accreditation process
  • Receiving expert advice from experienced professionals across a wide variety of sectors
  • Increased trust and motivation from employees and customers across your organisation
  • Decreasing overall QHSE costs across your business whilst increasing compliance and driving best practice

How can we help?

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