Technical Maintenance

Mitie have a comprehensive range of engineering capabilities – M&E, HVAC, lighting, energy, and commercial fit-outs are just some of the services we provide. Whether it’s a retail store or a high-risk industrial facility, we can deliver a cutting-edge technical solution.

Our Services

We have 87 technicians covering all 32 counties. Our in-house expertise and national presence provide the full range of engineering services.

Eliminating downtime

We are focused on eliminating downtime and disruption for our customers by applying a proactive approach. The technology and processes we design and deploy and the teams we create and empower, are all about providing compliant, disruption-free working environments, so our customers can concentrate on delivering the exceptional, every day.

Our maintenance service is one that takes into account all of the key factors that impact any clients assets. These include up-time, energy efficiency, carbon impact and whole-life cost. Our maintenance service enables us to embed these key factors into the maintenance regime.

At Mitie, we have experts in energy management and carbon reduction who support our maintenance teams to ensure that equipment is being managed at optimum efficiency. We consider the impact of specific maintenance cycles on the efficiency of equipment and the environment. Meanwhile our experts in asset planning also ensure that up-time is maintained, and asset life-expectancy extended.

Making data actionable can be one of the toughest business challenges to overcome. It is why we use and develop tools that provide our teams and customers a view of data to stay informed and act proactively. And because we capture, store and analyse the data ourselves, rather than relying on third parties, we ensure a more accurate and connected view of asset performance.

We build end-to-end maintenance and repair regimes that simply work. The principle of end-to-end service includes the efficient gathering of detailed asset data to build a comprehensive database that informs routine planned activity and drives efficiency in reactive repairs.

We connect our Helpdesk teams and our engineers to the database, using state of the art communications tools that ensure we are able to access vital information, provide instruction and update action records, all in real-time.

Building users can request a service or report a fault using multiple channels including web-portals, voice calls or our mobile App ‘Aria’. Our aim is that once a request has been logged there is no need for further client or customer intervention. We ensure that the service or repair is delivered on-time and in-line with our contract terms and provide updates that can be accessed as needed. This is the essence of our Seamless Service.

Harnessing technology and process innovation is vital, but we believe it is all for nothing without human customer relationships. A customer based approach is part of our DNA. Our people use empathy, passion and determination to understand and anticipate customer needs and provide solutions that make their lives easier because for us, it’s personal.

Our account managers are dedicated; dedicated to our customers and dedicated to providing the best service. That means proactively looking ahead to improve service, but also always being ready to respond to challenges.

Our people are experts in their field, armed with the right tools, the right data and the organisational support to get the job done right. They offer effective on-site support, proactive solutions, and straightforward, honest communication that our customers can trust.

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