Connected Workspace

Connected Workspace is the pioneering application of our consultancy, systems integration, and technology expertise to help you improve the performance of your buildings and the wellbeing and productivity of the people within them. We achieve this through automation, remote management, data analytics and machine learning.

Our Services

Connected Workspace is woven into the fabric of all our facilities management services. Data from building and energy systems, can be analysed in real time to identify inefficiencies and energy anomalies, detect trends, predict potential issues, reduce operational costs and improve the environments in which your people work.

Market-leading technology

We have invested in market-leading technology services to unlock insights that offer you a new level of flexibility and control, helping you become exceptional at what you do best.

Your buildings and infrastructure assets generate vast amounts of valuable data every day regarding their performance and efficiency, and yet the majority of this intelligence remains untapped.

To unlock the value of this rich seam of actionable data, Mitie has created a new Service Operation Centre that offers the technology, people and processes required to provide an advanced remote monitoring capability for our clients.

The Service Operation Centre represents an evolution of Mitie’s service delivery. It is built upon our proven, and long-established, Remote Operation Centre in the UK, and leverages our service desks in Swords Co. Dublin. It is also the ‘engine room’ for our Monitoring as a Service solution.

The Service Operation Centre brings together a dedicated team of experienced engineers, subject matter experts, advanced processes and powerful analytics and diagnostics tools. These enable the delivery efficient predictive, preventative and remedial support for our client’s buildings, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Remote access to buildings systems enables the Service Operation Centre to identify issues as they happen and triage faults before engineers go on site.

In some instances, the Service Operation Centre can even rectify faults remotely by adjusting set points, initiating standby equipment or changing relevant Building Management System and/or equipment settings. Together these improve response times and first-time fix rates and reduce the need for site visits, which all serve to reduce outages and minimise disruption.


  • Reduces costs by minimising or eliminating the need for disruptive site visits, particularly to remote or geographically dispersed sites
  • Mitigates the risk of asset downtime by identifying, managing and preventing failures and outages
  • Offers a single view of your facilities, assets, energy use and comfort policies
  • Provides access to advanced asset analytics and actionable insight
  • Ensures ‘right first time’ deployment of engineers to faults when a remote fix is not possible
  • Optimises the performance of your assets by ensuring that they are in peak condition
  • Unlocks cost efficiencies by extending the life of assets through predictive maintenance

Mozaic provides live facility management insight. It allows your client teams to make data-driven decisions by providing three key benefits:

  1. Visibility of all performance data in relation to the contract, in one place, in real-time.
  2. Insight that identifies workspace inefficiencies, trends, and potential issues.
  3. Response to identified insights and incidents. This includes a ticket-raising job management system to ensure the right people are allocated to the work, whether it’s cleaning up a spill or fixing faulty equipment.

Aria is our end user app and it is all about making things easier.

Aria allows workspace users to enjoy a smoother journey through their working day by providing the following key benefits:

  • Dialogue between workspace users and building management. Users can log a fault with building equipment or report a workplace incident like a spill.
  • Interaction between other colleagues and workspace users. For example, helping to locate colleagues that are hotdesking in a different part of the building.
  • Engagement with location-based news and orientation, and notifications. These might include updates that your guests have arrived at reception, announcements that the fire alarm is about to be tested, or alerts that the coffee you ordered is ready to pick up from the office cafe.

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