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We offer integrated, risk-based security solutions to fit your needs, such as; lone worker protection, guarding and security systems, mobile security and more. Our use of intelligence and technology ensures effective and efficient use of your resources, delivering the best results for your security solution.

Mitie Ireland’s Private Security Authority (PSA) license number is 02188.

Penetration Testing

With a professional stance on penetration testing and live exercising, you can minimise the risks to your people, assets and environments and continually improve your security service.

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Intelligence-led solutions

Our range of security solutions includes security personnel, mobile security and security systems, lone worker protection, and safety and compliance.

We utilise highly trained security analysts to conduct real time threat monitoring and assessments/ Investigations and Major Incident communications, either geographically or specific to your business. This is based in our newly refurbished Northampton Security Operations Centre and we can tailor our service based on clients needs and wishes.

Our guarding services ensure you have the best calibre of security personnel to protect your people, assets and environments. Our security officers are fully licensed (PSA 28 :2013) and highly trained individuals, supported with first class intelligence and technology to deliver outstanding service. We work with you to strategically deploy your guarding solution in order to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

We have a range of mobile security services to best fit your need. Our Security Industry Authority-licensed mobile security team can provide:

Key holding:

  • Our PSA 28-accredited key holding service ensures rapid response to any incident or alarm activation on your premises. Our professional and PSA 28 -screened security team will deal with any incident and manage the process, performing external and internal checks and contacting our Mitec technology centre immediately if emergency services are required.

Security patrols bespoke to your needs:

  • Our professional, PSA 28 -screened security officers provide a highly visible deterrent through scheduled and random patrols. We provide detailed reports for each patrol including date, time and if any action was required, providing you with a full audit trail.

Vacant property security & inspection:

  • Through the expertise of our dedicated void property inspection team, you can ensure your organisation’s compliance with its building insurance requirements. We can also conduct thorough risk assessments of each site to create bespoke security solutions to keep your vacant properties safe.

Alarm response:

  • Should an alarm be activated on one of your sites our Mitec technology hub and alarm receiving centre will dispatch one of our mobile teams. We provide a detailed report for each incident, outlining the time of activation, officers responding, vehicle information, arrival time on site, and the action taken, providing a complete audit trail for your records.

Wireless security systems:

  • To reduce unnecessary and costly call-outs for false alarms, we offer visual verification through our wireless system, Detect. This can provide real-time incident images in progress, that are monitored at our Mitec facility. This allows the team to accurately assess incidents and take the necessary course of action, including deploying a team on the ground, if required.

Employers have a responsibility to protect lone workers and ensure they are safe at all time.

Our lone worker protection services provide the technology and processes that help to create a safe working environment. Our services include lone worker risk assessments, proactive protection with our technology-led solution, you can be sure that all your workers are safe and secure, whenever they are alone.

Our in-house compliance expertise covers:

  • Security services
  • Water & air quality services
  • Doors & access services
  • Electrical testing
  • Property audit services

In addition, we can also offer safety and compliance services, all carried out by fully-accredited professionals. These services include:

  • Consultancy services: Property and health & safety audit specialists can identify risks that may incur fines, prosecution or result in detriment to health. We produce reports pinpointing required actions for compliance with our online reporting system, Direct Audits.
  • Safeguarding services: Our experts supply the testing, maintenance and remedial services required to adhere to required standards and legislation, with a particular focus on operationally-sensitive assets such as doors and CCTV.
  • Information and certification: Our online management information system, Direct Audits, provides you access to all your audits, certificates and reports.

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