Article 16 August 2019

Renewing Fleet in Ireland

Mitie are renewing 70 vehicles and introducing the first electric vehicle

Mitie are renewing 70 vehicles in our fleet this year in partnership with Leaseplan and Nissan, our fleet is an important part of our brand and profile keep an eye out for our 2019 registrations.

Did you know that in 2018, our fleet had a combined journey of 2 million kilometres? That is a lot of driving and a lot of emissions. It means that our small fleet is consuming 30,000 litres of fuel and giving off 780 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. It’s the equivalent of a 737 jet flying for nearly 400 hours.

Driver safety, the safety of others on the road and our impact on the environment is all part of our QHSE operations. We are in the process of rolling out new fleet procedures and part of this will be looking at driver safety and driving efficiently. Our new driver app will help drivers see their driving performance and offer advice on how it can be improved.

We are confident that with an emphasis on efficient driving, we can dramatically cut down our carbon emissions. However, we are looking to the longer-term solution of an electric fleet. There are plenty of challenges and practical issues for us to explore, but we have already introduced our first electric vehicle onto one of our contracts.